The Company


COLORS IT is a technology company that manufactures and distributes computer products through its UNYKAch, ABYSM GAMING and aiten data brands.

COLORS IT has a humanized team with nearly 30 years of experience in the IT sector, which has generated recognition for its excellent work and its customer service.

COLORS IT’s products are certified ISO 9001 recognition, which guarantees the quality of production processes.

The Company


Provide our clients with competitive global solutions in various sectors, always offers them confidence and the loyality of a committed relationship.

The Company


Satisfy the needs of our clients, always serves them from our experience.

The Company


Honesty. We work with respect, transparency and ethics in all our processes and relationships with our public.

Excellence and professionalism to be offered in all our services.

Confidence. We offer the loyalty of a committed relationship to all of our clients.

Overcoming. Each serving experience motivates us to be better every day, we seek new routes of innovation that enable us to evolve our activity.

Solidarity.We contribute to the development and improvement of society with our business activity as our philosophy principle.

Teamwork. Because a company is the team members who build it up together, at COLORSit the humanized team is the company’s greatest asset. And the teamwork is to contribute the best of ourselves which also reflects in our service, and our team work crossing from the Commercial Department to the RMA Department, that each team member that compose the whole COLORSit team.

Corporate Social Responsibility

COLORS IT is a company that awares of the society in which it lives and with which it lives. For this reason, it actively participates throughout the year in various solidarity actions, such as, for example, Operation Kilo of the Food Bank during the Christmas period.

Meanwhile COLORS IT shows a special awareness to be in the care and protection of the Environment from the beginning of manufacturing, strictly complying with the new environmental regulations that supervise the production processes in factories in China.

UNYKAch, ABYSM GAMING y aiten data belong to COLORS IT’s Brand

UNYKAch is one of the brand of computer components for COLORS IT

It focus on PC Cases and power supplies and it has been a benchmark in the sector for more than 15 years.

But if something can specialized UNYKAch, as its slogan shows, Make it easy for you, reflects this idea very well, it is the fact of facilitating the decision process, management and distribution of products, thanks to the joint work of the entire humanized team that builds up COLORS IT.

ABYSM GAMING is COLORS IT’s premium hardware product brand.

It specialized in certified power supplies and refrigeration systems.

Good quality and unique design are the hallmarks of the brand requested by and for the most demanding users.

It is the brand that accompanies the great current technological innovations, such as Edge Computing, 5G, Artificial Intelligence, Quantum Computing and more by providing solutions for telecommunications, computing, electronics and security projects that companies requests.

Our goal is to provide the best service and the most appropriate products for each of our clients according to their demand profile.

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